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Building Permits
  • chevron_rightHow do I apply for a building permit?
    Select Members > Permits for information and building permit forms. You must submit all required information before the ACC will review your request.
  • chevron_rightI'm in a hurry! How can I expedite my project?
    The ACC fairly reviews all submissions. We do not accept "rush" or priority requests. You can, however, take steps to avoid delays:
    • Include all requested and relevant information in the initial submission.
    • Submit different projects separately. This helps prevent a delay in one project from impacting all projects. 
    • Submit detailed plans. Include dimensions of the project as well as dimensions of the improvement in relation to the property lines.
    • Submit any questions about your proposed project or the permit process in advance.
  • chevron_rightIf I receive a POA permit, do I also need a County permit?
    Requirements based on Comal County ordinances differ from POA requirements because they are two separate entities. Compliance is required for both entities, just as compliance is required for both state and county regulations. 

    For many outdoor projects, you must have approvals from both the POA and the county. We recommend you submit your project to each required entity well in advance of your planned project start date.
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