Basketball Court

Hours and use
  • The basketball court is open daily from 8AM until 10PM for Canyon Lake Hills residents and their family members. 
  • Court is for use by residents, their families, and their guests. 
  • Guests must be accompanied by a resident. 
  • Children under age 10 must accompanied by an adult.
  • Residents cannot reserve the court for private use. CLHPOA may reserve the court for an Association event
We want everybody to have fun and be safe! Please make sure you're following court rules to ensure our courts stay in the best possible condition:
  • Proper footwear required. 
  • Play at your own risk. No roughhousing. 
  • Please limit play to 1 hour if others are waiting. (Or invite them to play!)
  • Improper use of court equipment is prohibited. Do not hang from the rim / hoop  or climb the poles.
  • Do not place large items on the court (example: picnic tables).
  • Do not throw rocks or heavy objects on the court.
  • No bicycles, roller blades, skates, skate boards, scooters, pogo sticks, or similar items are allowed on the court. 
  • No alcoholic beverages, glass containers, gum, or pets are allowed on the court.
  • Please clean up after yourself and help keep our recreation areas beautiful!
  • Go to the Contact page to report concerns to the Recreation Director.